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Process for Scheduling Delivery Slots

Metal Release Confirmation
​Once Metro has been notified by our London Agent of the cancellation of warrants, respective warrant details, LME broker and customer for which the released metal will be held to the account of, Metro will send a formal release confirmation providing the location warehouses where the metal is stored.

The customer will be required to provide the following: 

  • Complete billing instructions for LME Rent, LME FOT, and residual warehouse storage and, if applicable, additional services requested to and appropriate OPS email address which will be provided. 

  • Upon receipt of a Metro invoice for LME Rent and FOT charges, payment of this invoice and any other outstanding invoices must be confirmed paid before the scheduling of outbound deliveries. 

  • If the released metal is in bond (as indicated on Cancelled Warrants with an “F” on Release Status report provided), Customs approval is required to move metal out of warehouse. Customer is responsible to process required Custom documentation and forward to Metro. 

  • To ensure proper preparation of the outbound loads and to prevent delays, detailed shipping instructions must be provided. This would include company of destination/ consignee, address of destination, transport mode (truck/rail/vessel), authorized carrier/ agent (contact person, phone number & email), specific load (MT/LBS per truck/rail load), load securement per transport mode, & agenda instructions (MT per day), Truck/ Vehicle No., etc. All instructions must include release reference number on all communication to ensure proper receipt and processing. For any documents that customer may require, Metro will forward upon receipt of written request.

After all the aforementioned requirements have been fulfilled, outbound deliveries may be scheduled and shipping documents produced. Requirements include:

  1. LME Rent and FOT confirmed paid,

  2. Complete shipping instructions and

  3. Custom approval (if applicable).

Cancelled Warrants that do not need Custom approval may be scheduled contingent upon satisfying the other two requirements. If there is a scheduling queue, release will be placed in queue priority based on date when aforementioned scheduling requisites have been satisfied. With a queue, shipping instructions will require, at minimum, total tonnage per day commitment by release customer and its authorized agent/carrier(s) and identification of transport mode.

Note that residual storage will be invoiced monthly and be required confirmed paid prior to finalizing shipment. Shipping hours are from 8 AM to 3 PM [Time Zone] but may vary by warehouse. Delivery loadout is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Missed loads may be scheduled based on shipping schedule availability upon receipt of written request and may be subject to additional fees. Any outstanding invoices need to be confirmed paid prior to final shipment.

Queue Scheduling
If there is a queue at a load-out location, please note your release(s) are placed in queue and are scheduled in priority sequence per the day the release was LME cancelled as well as when requisites were 2 met. The first available, tentative ship date(s) for your release(s) will be provided. We will further provide the actual schedule date(s) three months prior to the planned schedule date for your review and confirmation.

Be advised the ship schedule start date may change contingent upon confirmed schedules of higher priority releases in queue. Therefore, the tentative ship date may be sooner or later but, without exception, you will receive ship date(s) prior to any releases of lower priority consistent with your higher priority in the queue. Tentative date is stated, such that, in the event under uncontrollable circumstances (such as Force Majeure) Metro may not be held firm as this is an estimated date. We believe it would be highly unlikely the date would be later; however, we are unable to confirm until all earlier releases in the queue have schedules confirmed.

Notice of Cargo Release Procedures
Upon your confirmation of assigned delivery slots, please be advised that you have made a commitment to provide the necessary equipment at the scheduled times. If you miss multiple loads scheduled for three (3) consecutive days, your schedule may be reduced accordingly. Missed loads may be scheduled based on shipping schedule availability upon receipt of written request and may be subject to additional fees. Priority for scheduling missed loads is based on the time written request is received and not per initial priority when schedule was confirmed. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Metro to schedule all missed loads. Any appointments missed & not rescheduled remain unscheduled until requested & confirmed. If missed load(s) has/ have already been scheduled, disregard the need to further request for scheduling.

To insure that all cargo is shipped from Metro International Trade Services (Metro) warehouse facilities pursuant to the arrangements and directions of our customer or customer’s authorized agent/truck broker/carrier with written authorization provided to Metro, please be advised of the following procedural requirements incumbent upon the authorized carrier/broker as well as customer or agent on behalf of customer: 

  • Metro will only follow shipment instructions from a customer or customer’s authorized agent/carrier/broker. 

  • Each outbound load will be assigned a unique pickup number. These numbers will be sent to the authorized customer, carrier, truck broker or agent only. 

  • Prior to the release of outbound shipments, the authorized carrier/broker or customer must inform Metro of the assigned trucker’s name, driver’s license no., unit/ trailer no. and trucking company for each respective pickup number. This information must be in writing and faxed/sent directly to the warehouse by the open of business same day as shipment scheduled. 

  • When arriving at Metro’s warehouse, driver must physically check in with the shipping warehouse as per advised on distribution of Scheduled Truck Appointment(s) within Shipping Hours.  Assigned trucker must provide a valid pickup number and have a valid driver license. 

  • Metro will verify trucker’s name and trucking company, confirm the driver’s license is current/nonexpired and record the driver license number. 

  • If all of the procedural requirements above are satisfied, cargo will be loaded as appropriate. Trucker will be required to sign Truck Scheduling Log and sign & date respective bill of lading. 

  • If the aforementioned information is not provided as required by the open of business same day as shipment scheduled, we cannot commit to fulfilling all scheduled loads per relevant warehouse and will not be responsible for delays or subsequent charges.

Please note Truck and Driver information is required to be faxed/sent directly by the customer/ carrier/ truck broker to the warehouse. As you know, this is required and is further described in our cargo release procedures which is provided along with pick up details after schedule has been confirmed. Faxes and emails regarding Truck and Driver information sent to the office will not be forwarded to the warehouses. If this information is not provided as required, we cannot commit to fulfilling all scheduled loads per relevant warehouse. Metro will not be responsible for delays or charges due to failure to provide this information.

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