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​London Metal Exchange

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The London Metal Exchange

The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for the trading of industrial metals.
Established in 1877, the LME brings together participants from the physical industry and the financial community to create a robust and regulated market.

The Exchange provides producers and consumers of metal with a physical market of last resort and, most importantly of all, with the ability to hedge against the risk of rising and falling world metal prices.  

​The LME provides:

  • Reference prices for the worldwide pricing of activities relating to non-ferrous metals.

  • Storage facilities which enable market participants to make or take physical delivery of approved brands of the metals traded.

  • A market where participants can protect against the risks of price volatility.

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​Metro's network of LME-Approved warehouses can provide you with the optionality of the global market, and the increased security required for your valuable commodities. 

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